MOUTH at Minimalism: Location Aspect Moment (October 15th, WSA)


MOUTH is an actionist art project in culinary divinomics formed by Edia Connole and Scott Wilson in 2012. Associates for ‘Noumena VIII: The Intolerance Banquet,’ sponsored by Journal of Cultural Research, include Caoimhe Doyle and Petra Jackson. Recent events include ‘“Vile Jellies”: Bataille, Shakespeare and the Exhumanities,’ KiSSit: Shakespeare and Waste (Rose Theatre, London, 2015), ‘Solar Mouth Sacrifice: Liturgy,’ DEAD END (Clonlea Studios, Dublin, 2015), and ‘Land: Scarcity Banquet,’ The Prosperity Project (Smock Alley Theatre, Dublin, 2014). Current projects include The Georges Bataille Cookbook (forthcoming).

MOUTH bring us ‘Noumenal Cheese: An Intolerance Banquet’ at 6.30 on October 14th


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