Minimalism: Location Aspect Moment

(Department of English and Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton)

Organisers: Sarah Hayden, Paul Hegarty and Ryan Bishop

Friday October 14th

Winchester Guildhall, King Charles room

10.00 -11.00 Registration

11 – 12

Keynote- Dr Keith Potter, ‘Minimalism is Dead: Long Live Minimalism!’ Music, Repetition and the Postmodernist Dilemma

12 – 13.15

Panel 1 reduction excess

Alistair Rider, Minimalism’s Ascetic Tenor

Sophie Seita, Minimalist Procedures against the Precious Poem

Al Cameron, Nietzsche Rhythm Machine



14.15 – 15.30

Panel 2 in the expanded field

Meredith North, The Politics of Seriality: Minimalism and Social Engagement in the Work of Peter Roehr

Katya Evan, Minimalism as a Language of Generation in Israeli Art of the 70s

Wouter Davidts, ‘I am totally uninterested in European Art and I think it’s over with’: Donald Judd’s hat trick at the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven (1970/ -79/ -87)

15.45 – 17.00

Panel 3 ambient

Jonathan Tadashi Naito, ‘Relaxing, Boring, Open, Flat’: Tan Lin’s Ambient Literature, Minimalism and the Contemporary

Emre Çağlayan, Dead, Silent, Slow: Notes Towards a Theory of Cinematic Minimalism

Robin Purves, Non-Stops


Professor Stephen Foster, John Hansard Gallery, ‘Charlotte Posenenske, 1967-68, 1985 – present’


Conference Dinner [optional]


Performance- William Basinski


 Saturday October 15th

Winchester School of Art

(lecture theatre A and lecture theatre B)

10.00 (LTA)

Keynote- Dr Renate Wiehager, Germany in the Sixties, 1958-1968: ZERO—Concrete Art—Conceptualism—Minimalism

11.30-12.30 (LTA)

4 transtemporal

Natalie Ferris, The ‘how-much-angst-on-the-head-of-a-pin-school’: Minimalism and The Review

Marc Botha, The Logic of Intermittency: Minimalism as a Transhistorical Phenomenon

5 set (LTB)

John M. Pymm, Chanting and Chattering: Steve Reich and the Museum of Merchandise

Fiona Curran, .Earthed

12.30 -13.30

6 practice (LTA)

James Davies, Minimalist Poetry and Textual Attractors

Daniela Perazzo Domm, Layering and Questioning: Reconfigurations of Minimalism in Jonathan Burrows’ Choreography

7 construct (LTB)

Andrew Chesher, Iterations of Phenomenology: From Minimalism to Joëlle Tuerlinckx

Matthew Bowman, The Crux of Minimalist Criticism

Lunch 13.30 – 14.30

Foyer, Westside building

Winchester School of Art PhD students and staff present works of art and design, as well as theoretical presentations, engaging legacies of minimalism in the present, including that from Asia.


D Ball

Jane Birkin

Jaygo Bloom

Andrew Carnie

Rima Dunn

Bevis Fenner

Jason Kass

Sunil Manghani

Cheng-Chu Weng


8 process (LTA)

Jacob Warmberg, Entropy Reigns: Minimalism Seen Through Robert Smithson and the Sciences of Complexity

Declan Synnott, Minimalist Music and Minimalist Input – From Modular Synthesis to No Input Performance

9 exemplary (LTB)

Jelena Novak, Shaggy-Dog Minimalism in Operas by Tom Johnson

Emily Zubernis, Minimalism/Modernism: Mina Loy on Constantin Brâncusi’s Golden Bird


10 edge (LTA)

Matthew L. Levy, Robert Mangold’s Dialectical Minimalism

Sarah Hayden/ Paul Hegarty, Line and Cut: Defining Modularity in Peter Roehr

11 appropriate (LTB)

Anna Moser, Paul Thek: Blakean Iconoclast: Sabotaging Minimalism with the Technological Reliquary

Cheng-Chu Weng, Making Minimalism Disappear…

17.30 LTA

Keynote performance lecture – Professor Redell Olsen


Wine Reception – Sponsored by the Hansard Gallery, Southampton

Performance – ‘Noumenal Cheese: The Intolerance Banquet’ (Scott Wilson and Edia Connole) – sponsored by Journal for Cultural Research (Taylor & Francis)


Performance- Vomir

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Minimalism: Location Aspect Moment is generously supported by the Department of English at the University of Southampton, Winchester School of Art, John Hansard Gallery and Daimler Contemporary.